Welcome to the new spring veg


Please let me welcome to our Falmouth shop the new varieties of spring vegetables, fresh from the field. We have quite a selection for this time of year.

From Cusgarne farm near Truro we have the beautiful purple sprouting broccoli, we have new rainbow chard and large-leaf spinach, fresh lettuce and extra peppery rocket.

From Shoots and Leaves we have new salad leaves and coriander.

Our continuing winter veg includes three varieties of kale: Red Russian, Green curly, and Red Bohr Kohl, and potatoes (all from Cusgarne); Swiss chard and leeks from Trevelyan farm near Penzance.

And from the beginning of May we will stock Lizard Leaves (mixed baby salad leaves) from Canara farm.

All local, all certified organic.

Come and get your salad on!


The Natural Store


P.S these vegetables can be delivered to our store in Helston, or St. Austell on Thursdays. All vegetables are subject to availability. If you are driving from far away please ring and check before hand if we have what you are after.



Purple Sprouting

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Veg Fridge in Falmouth

Veg Fridge in Falmouth

Fresh Coriander

Fresh Coriander

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