Pre-Order your Organic Turkey or Goose

Christmas Poultry

Cornish Organic Free-range Turkeys & Geese

Most of this year’s Soil Association-certified organic turkeys from South Torfrey Farm at Golant are Kelly Blacks and should be available in good numbers throughout the weight range.

The birds range freely from wooden arks on clover-rich pastures alongside the River Fowey feeding entirely on produce grown on the farm.

The birds are dry-plucked by hand at the farm and hung for seven to ten days after slaughter on the farm, so no live transport is involved.

Organic Turkeys are priced at £11.95/kg

Organic Geese are priced at £14.70/kg

Turkeys and Geese are available to order only.

To take your order, we need a non-refundable deposit of £20 per bird. We will supply a bird as close to your desired weight as possible but cannot guarantee exact weights.Your bird will arrive at the Store just before Christmas- we will let you know which day and call you again once it has arrived. Frozen Cornish organic chickens from Stephen Gelly Farm, Lanivet are also available as all year round.

Turkeys and geese are not eligible for our 5% or 10% discounts and their value does not count towards the thresholds for discount on other purchases made at the same time. They do not receive discount under our Loyalty Card scheme.



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