Natural remedies for asthma and allergies



Allergies and Asthma

As the weather starts to get warmer and springs blossoms in the fields and trees, for many people in the UK the change in season means one thing: allergies. Runny noses, red eyes, coughing that can last for months.

Respiratory problems such as asthma can range from a small discomfort experience while out walking, to a life threatening attack, requiring immediate care. It is common too, with an estimated 1 in 12 adults suffering from asthma and 1 in 11 children.[1]

Fortunately there are ways of reducing the impact allergies and asthma can have on your life with many natural remedies that can ease the symptoms or boost your immune system against traditional antibiotics.

We spoke to Julia Webb who has dealt with respiratory problems all her life, to see how she used natural remedies to change her life.

“I’m just so thankful for having a helpful, responsibly sourced Health Food shop in Falmouth.

Coming from a chest /Lung/ respiratory disease magnet that I am, the shop has helped countless times to ease the congestion and cough symptoms that used to plague my life every winter, and often during summer as well.

Through their recommendations I now have a safe, effective ‘emergency kit’ at my disposal at the first signs of a sniff.

I’ll need medication for asthma for the rest of my life, and steroids cannot be skipped, but the constant antibiotics and massive doses of prednisolone which left me – ok…alive – but feeling so ill, fatigued and  fed up, were really starting to worry me.

So I made up my mind to source natural alternatives for the symptoms of regular chest infections.

This is where the Natural Store has helped immensely.

 I started by dealing with the drip at the back of the nose that is often the cause of so many chest problems, and found a natural alternative to dry up the nasal fluid associated with colds.

Then I found a liquid to help break down the fluid that accumulates in the lungs, which gave me the irritating cough symptoms. What this does, is make the cough productive, so it prevents a chest infection worsening. Yes, I still cough but coughing is my body’s way of clearing the lungs, so I need that to happen.

I have an immune builder to help my hard working immune system and other natural meds to keep my body strong.

This, alongside significant changes of diet has changed my life, and the lives of my family, as they were the ones who helped when I was ill so often.

 I still check my peak flow if I have a cough, and if it goes into my asthma ‘amber’ zone I know I start with the kit.

It’s an ongoing process but one that has given me my life back.” – Julia Webb, Falmouth.


If you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems such as asthma, why not drop by one of our stores in Falmouth, St. Austell and Helston, for practical advice and an extensive range of natural, complimentary remedies.


The Natural Store

P.s the medicines Julia uses are: quercetin, herbetom, Eden olive leaf extract, colloidal silver, multi-vitamin, magnesium supplement and oil, vitamins D and K2, SOS advance.


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