Kinesiology – An interview with Nina Ennaji

At the Natural Store, we don’t just do healthy food and drink. We also maintain strong links with complimentary therapists to offer as comprehensive a view of health as possible.

In this post Nina Ennaji, one of the founding members of The Natural Store, shares her insights into the world of kinesiology, a complimentary medicine she has been practicing for over 30 years.


My name is Nina Ennaji. I have been working with the energy system of the body known as bio-energetic kinesiology for approximately 30 years. It has been a fascinating and still on-going journey.

Kinesiology comes from the Greek word kinesis which means movement or motion. It uses the muscle system as a biofeedback mechanism.

There isn’t any stress in the world, only incoming information.  Some of that information gets registered as stress in our muscles and can become stuck in the system as an energy block, inhibiting wellbeing. With kinesiology you learn to pick up the signals of stress in the muscles, and that can tell you a lot about what the person is going through. By applying light pressure in the right places we can get instant feedback as to how and what the body is responding to.

The muscles are where the body-mind interaction takes place. By giving the body a piece of information – it could be words, touch on certain meridian points, or a substance – and doing a muscle test, you can find out if the body feels stress towards that substance or word. The next step is applying a correction and seeing if a less stressful result has taken place. In that way we can check if the body is in better balance.

My first introduction to kinesiology was in California. I was studying Educational Kinesiology – working with brain integration/dyslexia – with the founder Dr Paul Dennison.  I became fascinated with the information the body can provide via muscle testing, and the positive changes that can occur when the right questions are asked and the appropriate information is given.

I then went on to study many other applications and forms of kinesiology. My work enabled me to restore a sense of dynamic balance for people who wanted someone to ‘talk’ to their bodies!

Drs Bennett and De Jarnette pioneered the system of body reflexes we use today, in the 1950’s. In the 1960’s Dr Goodheart developed the technique further. Since then many people have utilized this information to develop different methods of bio-energetic kinesiology including Dr John Thie of Touch For Health, Dr Dennison’s Brain Gym, Dr Jimmy Scott with Health Kinesiology and many others, all the way to Dr Yurkovsky using Bio resonance testing with Field Control Testing to treat Lyme disease and autism (he is a medical doctor!)

For me, the main advantage of kinesiology is that the person is always in control. Their body will tell you instantly if you are on the right track. It is a system that combines modern Western knowledge and ancient Chinese medicine – but without the acupuncture needles!

People generally come to me when their life is out of balance in some way. I don’t treat symptoms, only the whole person as you can’t separate one part from another. We are chemical, electrical and spiritual beings, and all parts must work in harmony. I use kinesiology to find and remedy the deeper imbalance with the help of the person’s body. 

We all make choices and develop survival tools before we can talk. Those survival tools and belief systems have kept us alive so far but may not be providing us with the quality of life we deserve. They can now be limiting us, leading us to continually fall into patterns of behaviour which are not constructive to our wellbeing.

My job as a kinesiologist is to hold the space and open doors for people to be able to make more informed choices about their life. I can help them develop a more creative, positive perspective of themselves, and their goals, in a non-threatening way and at the right speed for each individual. They are always in control via muscle testing!

Nina Ennaji

For a free consultation you can find Nina in The Natural Store, Falmouth on Mondays and Thursdays, 10.45 – 2.30, or at 01326 211891.

NB: Even though kinesiology is not to be used instead of conventional medicine, it can be used to provide a method of stress removal and a sense of profound well-being and relaxation.

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