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Je Tam is a Cornish based micro-enterprise whose ethos is filling the counters of their local delis and stores with ‘clean and raw’ cakes, biscuits, chocolate and desserts, in a bid to get more people to go guilt-free, and we love them!

The business consists of a mother and daughter duo who are hell-bent on waging a war against the idea of guilty pleasure when it comes to food. Their innovative range of products are designed to satisfy even the most powerful of sweet-tooth cravings while cutting out sugar, wheat, gluten and dairy; offering health benefits at the same time. They use raw, whole foods – nuts, seeds and fruit as well as raw (untreated) cacao –  combined in fine-tuned recipes, which seem just as delicious and indulgent as their ‘guilty’ counterparts.

To get behind the scenes of the Je Tam enterprise, we asked a few questions, enjoy!

Healthy foods

1. Can you tell me a little bit about who you are and what you produce:

Je Tam is run by myself, Tam Garood and my mother Monika. I started the company 2 years ago now and it quickly grew to the point where i needed help- that’s where my mum stepped in. We’re passionate about healthy eating, mainly organic, raw and vegan but we are starting to branch out and do more vegetarian and cooked products too.  I’m studying Naturopathic Nutrition so have  a huge passion for eating to improve your health and like to bring that to Je tam as much as possible.

2. History of the business- When did you launch?

We started selling in the allotment deli in st ives 2 years ago and its grown from there.

3. How many people in your team, if any?

Just myself and my mother.

4. Has it been viewed as more of a business for you, or a lifestyle choice? Some combination of the both?

It’s a bit both, obviously lifestyle choice as its my passion and career but business too, unfortunately we all have to make money.

5. Have you found that it’s harder now than before to maintain this livelihood?

Yes, with clean eating becoming more popular and also various natural disasters and unusual weather patterns have pushed the prices of ingredients up so much its becoming very hard to maintain.

6. What do you think the government should do to improve & change the Food industry?

I feel there should be a tax on sugars and junk food with this money being put back into the nhs.

Wouldn’t it be great is gmo’s and pesticides were banned too? In an ideal world of course!

7. How do you feel about the local/organic food movement?

It is great but i do feel sad that organic isn’t the norm.

8. Have you taken any steps to make your business even more environmentally friendly?

All of our packaging is recyclable, all food waste is taken home and composted and all deliveries to shops are done in reusable packaging

 9. What advice could you give to any young entrepreneurs wanting to get into your industry?

Know your product!!

10. Do you have plans for the future of your business?

Yes, hopefully in the next few weeks our website will be launched making it possible for people to buy our products and kits all over the world.

11. How do you stay healthy?

I try to stay healthy by being as active as my 4 month old daughter will let me 😉  and eating as cleanly as possible. Everyone has slip ups obviously and i’m by no means a saint but i try and live by the 80/20 rule.


Je Tam- Healthy Clean Food, Made in Cornwall with Love!


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