How To Help The Cravings!

What do food cravings really mean? Have you ever considered that maybe your body is trying to tell you something?

Sugar & Carbs
White varieties of carbohydrates and refined sugar can quickly disrupt your blood glucose levels and can give rise to a vicious circle of sugar spikes, crashes and cravings. An alternative would be to swap sugary treats for a protein bar- many of these are low in sugar and have a quality soya, pea or hemp protein which also help to blunt the response of sugar. Cinnamon and the mineral chromium are also nice additions to your diet as they can help to increase the sensitivity of insulin and balance blood sugar levels.

A salt craving could be a sign your adrenal glands aren’t functioning as they should. Your adrenal glands help to maintain water and electrolyte balance in your body – you could be craving salt in a desperate bid to balance electrolytes- although, ironically, giving in will most likely only make the problem worse….Try a strong flavour that won’t upset your adrenals, such as spoonful of apple cider vinegar or lemon in hot water. Also drink plenty of water, cut down on caffeine and try to reduce your stress levels.

As well as seeking sweetness, craving chocolate could also be a sign of a magnesium deficiency- cocoa beans are particularly rich in this essential mineral. Try having a square of 70% cocoa chocolate to see if this satisfies your craving. It is richer in antioxidants and often lower in sugar than milk chocolate. If you can resist something sweet, opt for a handful of magnesium rich pumpkin seeds instead.

Craving cheese may be at a last ditch attempt from your body to obtain some healthy fat- it could be a sign of an essential fatty acid deficiency.
Alternatives? Cheese is high in saturated fat as opposed to healthier polyunsaturated fats. Opt for some fresh avacado or a handful of walnuts instead to benefit from some omega-3.

How To Help the Cravings?


L+ lactic acid from concentrated whey, like Molkosan, can help to maintain a healthy gut environment and keep bad gut bacteria at bay.
Stress can upset your adrenal glands which can result in unnatural cravings. herbs like Valerian and Hops can help to address mild stress and anxiety.
If you are really struggling to battle your cravings, try a flower remedy which may help you to cope and resist.

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