Health food stores are now a lot more colourful than the brown rice and tofu days of old.

There are so many people creating a huge variety of interesting, tasty, nutritious foods – many of them right here in Cornwall.

Having an allergy, illness or intolerance that requires eliminating foods from your diet shouldn’t mean you have to be restricted on ingredients, nutrition or flavour!

We provide food for all: If you are dairy-free, diabetic, vegan, coeliac, looking for organic food, a super-food fan, raw foodist or in search of healthy sugar alternatives, then we have got something for you!

If we don’t stock it, we can almost certainly Get it for you.



Fresh organic fruit and veg

Organic fruit & veg

In our Falmouth and Helston store we have a huge variety of standard store cupboard items and cooks’ ingredients, with lots of organic options, such as: organic artisan breads, local and organic eggs, tinned organic and fair-trade beans, pulses and vegetables, healthy organic soups, healthy cooking and culinary oils, baking goods, dried beans, rice and pulses, a large variety of dairy-free milks, organic un-homogenised milk and dairy products, organic frozen raw sheeps’ milk, chilled vegan and non-vegan foods, frozen organic berries, vegetables, organic dairy and non dairy ice-creams, frozen organic meat and fish and much much more.

We ARE certifiED WITH the soil association

For the 10th consecutive year, we have been given our organic certification with the Soil Association. We are very proud to say that we were the first Health Food Shop in Cornwall to receive such a status. This basically means that we can continue to provide you with organic produce in customer friendly packages and be true to our word.

We have one of the most extensive ranges of loose herbs and spices in Cornwall, with many organic options. Pick up just five grams of an essential or unusual ingredient, or buy in bulk at a discount. A really economical way to stock up your herb and spice jars – just get what you need, when you need, with no waste!

Our range of non-caffeine teas is probably the most extensive in Cornwall and is mostly organic. From the classics to the unusual, there are lots of fruit, herb and spice teas – in bags or loose – to try. Of course, you can find a regular breakfast tea, green tea or locally roasted community farm coffee for those times when it just has to be caffeinated.






We also stock a good range of caffeine-free beverages, which are a tasty and A HEALTHY alternative to coffee, such as:



In Falmouth we offer frozen organic meat and fish, including:

Organic beef, lamb, mutton, goat and salmon, and free-range venison from Graig Farm in Wales, a family business committed to sustainable and organic farming practices.

We have also just started to stock their organic bones for incredibly healing bone broths. Our organic chicken comes from STEPHEN GELLY Farm on Bodmin Moor.

Our well-trained staff members have good knowledge of intolerances, allergies, and dietary choices and are happy to advise if you have any questions. Above our Helston store there is a Practitioners’ Centre for complimentary practices. Please ring Helston on 01326 564226 for more information or to book an appointment.

If there is something you want that you can’t find in ANY OF OUR storeS then please do ask, it is likely that we will be able to GET it for you.