A Healthy Juice Cleanse

One way many people kick off the New Year is with a juice cleanse, but what is worrisome about this is the all-or-nothing approach. However, since creating and experimenting with our latest adventure, a juice bar in our new location on Market Strand, we’ve been doing some research. And what we’ve found from various nutritional health experts and producers of cold-pressed juices is, contrary to juicing myths, juicing can be unique to each person and incorporate solid food. Yes, we said you CAN eat solid food it seems!

In fact, it’s knowing which way of juicing works best for your body that matters the most. Cold-pressed juicing is best because this method helps fruits and vegetables retain a higher level of nutrients than the more traditional juicers. Cold-pressed juices also yield more juice so you get more for your pound and your body.

A Healthy Juice Cleanse

So here are seven reasons to cleanse this New Year:

  1. You can incorporate solid food.

Juicing doesn’t have to be a master cleanse that eliminates solid food. If you feel that your body will do best with juicing combined with a solid food diet, then go with that!

For a less intense cleanse, do a half day of cleansing for breakfast and lunch, then have a light dinner, ideally consisting of lean protein, such as fish or grilled chicken, with a side of vegetables.

Another option is to cleanse for breakfast and dinner and have soup for lunch. The soup needs to be gluten- and dairy-free.

  1. Only juice in the mornings to reap the benefits.

Another great way to incorporate the juices is by drinking a different coloured juice each day first thing in the morning for at least a week, along with a well-balanced diet.

This way, you get all the nutrients from different vegetables daily.

  1. Reduce emotional eating.

Emotional eating habits can be hard to break, but if you allow your body to crave healthy foods, you’re off to a great start.

First, pay attention to the times you find yourself stressed and wanting to emotionally eat. Instead of devouring something unhealthy, drink some juice, take some deep breaths, and see how you feel.

Even better, rather than eating healthier when feeling low, get to the root of your feelings and make smart coping choices.

  1. Know that you can still indulge on special occasions.

Set yourself up for success by not allowing tempting food into you home. Instead, allow yourself to indulge outside of the home on a special occasion. It’ll make it that much more special!

  1. Go at your own pace.

It’s okay to start slow — slow and steady wins the race, after all. And if you had a day on which you didn’t do your best, start fresh the following day. You’re still making healthy changes and that’s already great.

  1. Become more positive.

From eliminating inflammatory foods to boosting the immune system to enhancing beauty, cleansing can have some major benefits. But more than the body and beauty benefits, cleansing can help you think more positively.

You’ll find yourself waking up every day maybe to a mantra and reminding yourself that it’s going to be another healthy day.

  1. Juice prepping doesn’t have to be hard.

Some people decide to make their own juices with their favourite fruits and vegetables. Making your juices at home can take as little as 15 minutes (including cutting the fruits and veggies, and the actual juicing).

We now have three delicious juices available from our juice bar in Falmouth. Pop in and give them a try, it truly is the best way to start the day!

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